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The platform for insurance innovation

In an omnichannel world, where clients need are continuously evolving, Helvetia chose Mia‑Platform as a partner for its digital strategy, aimed at offering products and services always more personalized, agile and digital.

Who is it

Helvetia Assicurazioni operates in Italy since 1948, when the swiss headquarter decides to enter the italian market. It is present on the territory through many distributing channels - agencies network, bank counters and affinity group - proposing insurance solutions to satisfy different safety needs of over 500.000 clients that today rely on Helvetia Italia.

The goal

Transform and improve the development and deploy processes to match the needs of the company’s new digital strategy, that focuses on an always growing personalization of insurance products, that are tailored on clients.

Development and Support | Mia-Platform

Analysis and Design

After a deep and detailed analysis of the digitalisation 20-20 strategy of the company, e organized an envisioning workshop to define the following steps.

We supported the IT team in the compiling and deploy phases to identify the needs and we structured an Academy course to sustain Helvetia team not only from a technical perspective but also from a people empowerment side.

Once the direction was shared and approved, we started to integrate the platform on minor services to test its potentialities and functionalities. In a following phase, the platform has been used to integrate third parties services through microservices.

Development and Support | Mia-Platform

Development and Support

We undertook a DevOps strategy that could help in all the compiling and deploy phases. Continuous Delivery, Continuous Integration and Deploy are the basis on which Helvetia it’s working to integrate all the existing and future services.

Thanks to microservices with tailored functionalities developed “ad hoc”, Helvetia is realizing its 20-20 strategy without undermining the existing systems, that are incrementally integrated into the platform.

Not only technological product, but also people: one dedicated PO, one team of experts and the Academy support the whole digital transformation and people empowerment journey.

Generated Benefits

Time to Market

Thanks to Mia‑Platform introduction, the deploy processes have become much easier and cheaper. Core systems, which are protected by the platform, can expose data rapidly, safely and easily.

IT Empowerment

Thanks to the Academy and our developers team’s support, IT Helvetia team now perfectly handles the techniques, methods and processes to develop and independently deploy on the platform, and it also has gained the ability to answer to market needs.

New Business Opportunities

The platform allows the business to stipulate commercial agreements with third parties, thanks to the API layer that exposes the requested data safely and rapidly.

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