Development Suite

Build and run your digital platform in a few clicks thanks to three simple dashboards: the API Console, the API Portal and the Monitoring Dashboard.

Development Suite | Mia-Platform

Our Development Suite has been designed to simplify the life of your development teams.

The three dashboards allow you to easily develop and deploy your digital platform and manage the full lifecycle of your APIs and microservices.

Take care of releases and rollbacks with ease thanks to the automation of the DevOps pipelines, and keep the versioning control of all your code on one unique Git repository.

Suite Development Components

API Console | Mia-Platform

API Console

Your platform, in a few clicks.

  • Configure your CRUD and microservices directly from the Console
  • Expose safely your APIs
  • Integrate new services in your platform directly from our Marketplace
  • Manage the development process according to your business logics

API Portal | Mia-Platform

API Portal

Real-time documentation of your development services.

  • OpenAPI Specification (OAS) for RESTful web services
  • Automatically synchronize documentation, client libraries and source code
  • Test live your APIs

Monitoring Dashboard | Mia-Platform

Monitoring Dashboard

Entirely manage your development lifecycle, from coding to debugging.

  • Version control of all your code in Git
  • Automatic Build and Test
  • Monitor your logs and metrics and find bugs quickly
  • Much faster updates
  • Higher productivity

Where can you install it?


Our technology is Cross-Cloud: you can install Mia-Platform Suite leveraging the infrastructures already existing in your company, such as IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, Azure, OpenShift and others.

As a Service

Run directly on Mia-Platform Cloud and do not worry about hosting, scalability and servers: finally you can focus only on your Company's business.

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