Runtime Suite

The technological core of your digital architecture, with all the components for building an innovative and tailored business platform.

Runtime Suite | Mia-Platform

API Gateway, Microservice Gateway, Baas and Security for a powerful and easy-to-manage platform. Leverage the lightness of the Runtime Suite to configure Custom Plugins according to your needs and to rapidly evolve your platform.

Runtime Suite

API Gateway | Mia-Platform

API Gateway

Control all the accesses from one unique point and manage dynamically and rapidly all the requests.

Microservice Gateway | Mia-Platform

Microservice Gateway

  • Address the requests directly to API in an efficient manner
  • Enrich your APIs with synchronous and asynchronous requests, before and after the target request
  • Keep you APIs simple, neat and distinct

BaaS | Mia-Platform


Backend As A Service to easily manage your database and to organize and expose your files.

  • CRUD
  • Static Files
  • File Manager
  • Notifications

Custom Plugin | Mia-Platform

Custom Plugin

A library and a reusable Docker Image, to write the business logics of your microservice in the language that you prefer, without thinking to the integration to the platform.

  • ​​Users
  • ACL
  • Communication with the other microservices
  • Persistence
  • Deploy
  • API Documentation automatically generated

Security | Mia-Platform


Protect your APIs through safety services offered by our component.

  • Control the accesses and the permissions
  • Manage user profiles
  • Organize groups and visibility
  • Control sessions and cookies

Privacy Manager | Mia-Platform

Privacy Manager

Preserve your users privacy according to new GDPR regulation

  • ​​Privacy settings management
  • Anonymizer
  • Data Access Logger

Log & Metering | Mia-Platform

Log & Metering

Monitor your logs and keep your platform checked.

  • Logs collector
  • Billing
  • Metering
  • Presetted and personalized allarms

Others | Mia-Platform


The innovative platform is ready to offer many other components, according to you necessities:

  • API Automation
  • M2M
  • ChatBot
  • iOT Gateway
  • GraphQL Gateway

Where can you install it?


Our technology is Cross-Cloud: you can install Mia-Platform Suite leveraging the infrastructures already existing in your company, such as IBM Cloud, Google Cloud, Azure, OpenShift and others.

As a Service

Run directly on Mia-Platform Cloud and do not worry about hosting, scalability and servers: finally you can focus only on your Company's business.

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